MSA's "PPE Primer for Law Enforcement" briefs police on personal protection

Pittsburgh, Pa., - Today’s police officers require a new awareness and education in a wide range of complex issues related to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). MSA’s new 28-page “PPE Primer for Law Enforcement: Personal Protection for the Protectors” is written as an educational guide for any beginner or experienced PPE user who wants to know more.

Today, PPE is necessary to insure the viability of police officers from dangers and unknown challenges that range from terrorists to WMD to HazMat spills to drug labs. Law enforcement agencies must select appropriate respiratory protection, head and body protection, and gas-detection equipment; equip their officers; and then train them how to use it. Unfortunately, the understanding and use of PPE is still a new concept for many officers and agencies, because until recently, they needed little more than occasional riot-control protection.

MSA’s 90 years of protecting the protectors have yielded expertise, products, and solutions to assist any law enforcement organization, large or small. This primer will give you some background information about PPE in general, when to use different types of protection, government standards, interoperability, and some products that might be new to you. Although MSA’s products will be shown, this is not a hard-sell piece, but an educational primer.

To order a free copy of MSA’s “PPE Primer for Law Enforcement”, and/or to find out MSA’s Commercial Government expert or distributor near you, please contact MSA’s Customer Service Center at our special toll-free number for Law Enforcement: 1-888-MSA-0018.

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