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Nextteq Provides TrainingKit for On-the-Spot,

Correct & Safe Use of LiquidChemical Agent Detection Papers


TAMPA, FL Nextteq introducesa Proficiency Certification Test Kit to provide a simple, reliable andrealistic method to ensure on-the-spot, correct and safe use of M8, 3-Way andM9 paper and paper tape for HAZMAT teams and First Responders.


TheProficiency Certification Test (PCT) Kit incorporates environmentally safereagents to simulate G or V nerve agents or H blister agent, providingundisputed proof of users proficiency in the use of M8, M9 and 3-Way paper andpaper tape.


The kit iscomprised of 4 simulate bottles designed to simulate the presence or absence ofchemical warfare agents by producing agent-specific color reactionsenticalto those produced by real chemical warfare agents. The first 3 bottlessimulate the three separate color reactions of M8 and 3-Way paper. The fourth bottleelicits the reddish-pink color response in M9 Paper Tape. These reactions takeplace within 30 seconds to 2 minutes.


With theNextteq PCT Kit, users can simulate chemical warfare agents release inbuildings as well as confined spaces such as subways or aircraft, allowing youto prepare and train for any CWA scenario. With separate color reactionbottles, users are in complete control of their training. The kit is soinexpensive; users can repeat training regularly to maintain high proficiencyfor any domestic preparedness situation.


Nextteqserves the complete needs of the occupational health and safety industries.