Nextteqs HAZMAT Kits

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Nextteqs HAZMAT Kits ProvideSolution for Low Light Conditions Typical in Emergency Response Scenarios


TAMPA, FL Nextteqs portable HAZMAT Kits arelightweight, rugged and capable of on-the-spot, precise detection of numerousunknown contaminants at a moments notice.


NextteqHAZMAT Kits with Gastec detector tubes are ready to use anywhere at anytime andare offered inseveral different building block configurations to suit any budget or detectionneed. Tohandle low light conditions common in emergency response scenarios, Nextteqincludes two cyalume light sticks in each kit.

Nextteq HAZMAT Kits provide a reliable, fastand easy way to respond to accidents involving hazardous materials. Simple tooperate, these lightweight and compact kits are easy to use while wearingprotective clothing and gear. With no warm-up time, user calibration orbatteries required, the kits are always ready to go at a moments notice. Usersperform on-site quantitative analysis, eliminating the time and expense oflaboratory testing. Easy-to-read logic charts provide clear samplingprocedures and eliminate unnecessary errors associated with ambiguous colorcomparison charts. With an extended shelf life and broad environmentaloperating conditions, you can perform testing almost anywhere.

Nextteqserves the needs of the occupational health and safety industry. Nextteq isGastec's exclusive U.S. master wholesale distributor. The Gastec Corporationmanufactures Gastec tubes and pumps.