US-VISIT Implementation Dates at Land Border Crossings Announced

Immigration officials at these land border crossings will begin US-VISIT processing of visitors no later than December 31. Six crossing points began US-VISIT processing of visitors on November 15.

EarthData Company Announces - Emergency Response System Delivers Maps In Record Time

The Airborne Rapid Imaging for Emergency Support (or ARIES) system, consisting of a multi-sensor airborne component, rapid data downlink, and a mobile communications and map production center, will support first-responders with near real-time geospatial d

Department of Homeland Security Launches Prototype Phase of New Biometric ID Card for Transportation Workers

The TWIC is a tamper-resistant credential that contains biometric information about the holder that renders the card useless to anyone other than the rightful owner.

Homeland Security and The Ad Council Launch New Ready Campaign Public Service Advertisements

The PSAs are designed to encourage people to develop a family emergency plan in case of a terrorist attack or other emergency.

Equity International is rescheduling The Defense Appropriations Briefing to Thursday, December 16

promptly at 8:00 am in the Ballroom of the National Press Club, 529 14th St. NW, Washington DC.


The Oct. 25 suspension of public access to documents on ADAMS, the NRCs on-line document library, took place when documents were identified on that library that could possibly aid terrorists.

Secretary of state outlines Bush's second term foreign policy priorities

The global war against terrorism, strengthening alliances and resolving regional conflicts are foreign policy priorities of the Bush administration's second term, according to Secretary of State Colin Powell.

TSA Opens Comment Period For Air Cargo Security Plan

TSA is closing the loopholes for those who would do harm to our nation and its people, said Rear Admiral David M. Stone, USN (Ret.), Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for TSA.

EADS to Support International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis At the University of Texas, Dallas

EADS will support a new international research organization at the University of Texas, Dallas to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience on risk management.

Implant Sciences Receives U.S. Patent Office "Notice of Allowance" for Explosives Detector Cyclone Air Sampling Technology

The notice of allowance indicates that the Company has fulfilled all requirements for the issuance of a new patent entitled, "Cyclone Sampling Nozzle for an Ion Mobility Spectrometer," expected to be issued in the next two to three months.