Private Maritime Security Could Help Law Enforcement Secure America's Ports

Washington D.C. - Maritime security continues to dominate the news headlines around the world.  The U.S. Government has spent billions of dollars to improve physical landside port security, but very little has been done to address waterside security.  The U. S. Coast Guard and other law enforcement officials are increasingly concerned with the potential small boat threat, USS Cole type small boat attack, to port interests around the country.  The Department of Homeland Security and the U. S. Coast Guard organized a Small Vessel Security Summit to bring together various stakeholders in the maritime industry on June 19th and 20th.  The scope of the summit was to focus the maritime stakeholders on a range of discussions and problems involving the small vessel security risk in the U.S. maritime domain.  The CEO of Secure Waters, Mr. Corey Ranslem, was one of the only private maritime security professionals represented at the summit.  “Experienced private maritime security companies, like Secure Waters, will be key force multipliers to help law enforcement agencies secure critical maritime infrastructure in the future,” noted Ranslem.  “Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies resources are already stretched thin.”Various small vessel stakeholder groups were able to voice their concerns to federal, state, and local authorities. “This summit was important because it gave the maritime stakeholders the chance to work with the various government agencies to develop some solutions to the small vessel threat,” said Ranslem. The Summit garnered high level support from the Coast Guard and Homeland Security.  The Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral Thad Allen, and the Secretary of Homeland Security, Mr. Michael Chertoff both addressed the group taking questions from summit participants.  “Port and waterway security is a problem that will not be solved by one agency or organization, but by all public and private stakeholders working together,” said Ranslem. The U.S. Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security plan to continue these discussions with the various stakeholders through regional summits.   About Secure WatersSecure Waters is a unique multi-mission maritime security and consulting company.  Secure Waters provides physical waterside security, maritime related training, and consulting services to government agencies, commercial, and private organizations.  Secure Waters is proud to be apart of the Hire Vets First network, hiring former military and Coast Guard personnel.  For additional information:Phone: (305) 935-6900 ext 270Email: info@securewaters.comWebsite: www.securewaters.com