Rave Mobile Safety Announces New Whole Community Preparedness Platform

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – Rave Mobile Safety, the trusted software partner for campus and public safety, today announced major enhancements to its SmartPrepareTM emergency management platform. Particular highlights include the integration of award-winning emergency notification capabilities for targeted multi-modal communications with communities, as well as powerful tools for managing data on vulnerable populations. Available immediately, SmartPrepare sets a new industry standard in whole community preparedness, enabling those in emergency management to better prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters, emergencies and severe weather.

“In the past two years, our emergency management partners across the State have responded to numerous significant events from tornadoes to flooding and power outages. We are constantly striving to better prepare for the needs of Arkansans and the more information we have in advance of a disaster, the better we are able to do so,” said the Director for the State of Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, David Maxwell. “Through the interoperable platform of SmartPrepare, our ability to plan for and respond to incidents that require evacuation, emergency sheltering or other actions will be greatly enhanced.”

SmartPrepare automates and simplifies the collection and management of information voluntarily contributed by citizens. Through free and secure online Safety Profiles, citizens share whatever details they wish about themselves and their families such as: individual descriptions and photographs, emergency contact information, medical histories, medical dependencies on electricity, mobility limitations and much more. It is particularly useful for those with access, functional and complex medical needs who could require assistance during an emergency situation.

This critical information is then used by emergency management for precise planning, and to expedite response and recovery efforts during events. Once in the system, individuals are automatically prompted to update their Safety Profiles semi-annually, ensuring information remains current and accurate.

With SmartPrepare, emergency managers can easily collect and manage information about at-risk populations and all citizens in their community. They can quickly view and manipulate information based on geography, risk factors, access and functional needs, or any other relevant data-point. During emergency situations, they can communicate with an entire population, selected subsets, and even individuals – all from a single, unified console. SmartPrepare can also incorporate and integrate with existing data sources such as white pages, geo-coded Automatic Location Information (ALI) and other directories.

Through a variety of easy-to-use interactive query and geo-selection tools, emergency managers canentify and communicate with their community in a variety of ways:

  • Mass Notification: Provides the ability to quickly alert an entire community to threats, from fast-moving wildfires to approaching hurricanes and winter weather to sudden manmade disasters.
  • Geo-targeted Notifications: Interactive maps pinpoint impacted areas, allowing for communicating early warnings and allocation of emergency resources based on accurate data.
  • Individual Targeting: Enables immediate two-way communication with vulnerable populations that have specific access, functional or medical needs.

Additional highlights of the new SmartPrepare solution include:

  • Multi-modal Messaging: Ensures maximum communication coverage, including 2-way texting, 2-way voice, Facebook, Twitter, email, multi-language. It is also Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS) ready.
  • Always Available: SmartPrepare is cloud-based, takes advantage of Rave’s acclaimed public safety grade infrastructure, and can be accessed by mobile devices. Data is always available for emergency planning and resource assessments.
  • Interoperability: Citizen opt-in data from Safety Profiles is stored in a secure national database with standardized structure, facilitating regional and vertical interoperability among those with emergency management responsibilities.
  • Reporting: Provides easy-to-use reporting formats and export options for precise planning, after action review and more, while facilitating communication and collaboration among emergency personnel.

“Everyone plays a critical role in whole community preparedness and our foremost goal is to provide solutions that facilitate community connectedness,” said the CEO of Rave Mobile Safety, Tom Axbey. “The addition of powerful communication capabilities to SmartPrepare provides seamless and bidirectional sharing of information between the public and officials responsible for emergency management. SmartPrepare was developed from the input of customers; the many public safety officials across the U.S. whose invaluable front-line experience allows us to constantly enhance our solutions and establish new standards.”

SmartPrepare is currently used to bring added protection to communities around the country. The secure Software-as-a-Service solution is quickly deployed and requires no on-site IT resources. Read more about how SmartPrepare can improve your ability to Plan, Prepare, Respond and Recover here.

Rave Mobile Safety is a market leader emergency notification technology and public safety solutions. Its solutions are protecting millions in nearly every U.S. state. Additional public safety products include: Smart911, which provides additional 9-1-1 data for faster more effective 9-1-1 response; Rave Panic Button, a mobile app that instantly connects schools to 9-1-1 in emergencies; Rave Alert, an award-winning multi-modal emergency notification platform; and Rave Eyewitness, which allows citizens to confidentially text police about threats or safety issues.

About Rave Mobile Safety Rave Mobile Safety is the most trusted software partner for campus and public safety. Used by leading institutes of higher education and state and local agencies, the award-winning portfolio of Rave Alert, Rave Guardian, Eyewitness, Smart911, Rave Panic Button and SmartPrepare enables millions to feel safe, secure and connected. Rave Mobile Safety is headquartered in Framingham, MA. For more information, please visit http://www.ravemobilesafety.com.

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