Remploy Frontline's Survival Evolution for CBRN First Responders

ALEXANDRIA, VA - Global chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (CBRN) manufacturer Remploy Frontline announced today that the prestigious Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) in the U.S. confirmed that Remploy's Frontliner / Civil Responder 1 (CR1) Ensemble passed the SEI's stringent certification testing for the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) 1994-2007 ( 2) Standard on Protective Ensembles for First Responders to CBRN Terrorism Incidents. The NFPA standards are recognized worldwide as the gold standard for safety and the integrity of fire and emergency personal protection equipment (PPE). This major development reinforces Remploy Frontline's commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest possible standards worldwide, and creating its CBRN offering in ISO-approved production facilities located throughout the UK. Remploy's Frontliner / CR1 Ensemble is theeal solution for all emergency services working within a highly contaminated CBRN environment. It provides a high level of fire retardency, and ruggedness, in a breathable garment system that is easily donned and comfortable to wear. The Frontliner / CR1's non-encapsulating, ant-static three-layer ensemble consists of the inner Cooler layer, intermediate Britannia layer, and the outer Peeler layer:

  • PL001730 (Outlast - cooler layer trousers)
  • PL01830  (Outlast - cooler layer top)
  • PL002310 (Peeler - outer layer)
  • PL002410 (Britannia - carbon layer)

This certified ensemble also consists of specially chosen CBRN protective components that include: gloves, boots, SCBA / mask, all as part of the integrated system. These items are all readily available from Remploy as part of its unique one-stop, fully integrated offering that is designed to easily provide its customers with a leading edge solution to CBRN protection. According to John Armstrong, Global Business Manager: "The SEI's recent NFPA approval demonstrates three things: first, Remploy continues to develop PPE solutions that exceed customer expectations in the fire and emergency services. Second, Remploy's PPE is virtually future proof because we listen to our customers and can correctly anticipate their needs, which is reflected in our products. Third, Remploy's PPE is integral to the overall end user safety and efficiency in the field. "Remploy's solutions are continually being tried and tested, proving that its lightweight permeable ensemble enhances maneuverability and reduces body burden, while extending the length of time the washable / launderable product can remain in use." This approval allows Remploy Frontline to use the coveted SEI Certification Mark in the marketing, packaging and promoting of the approved Frontliner CBRN Ensemble -- in accordance with the provisions of the SEI Certification Programme Manual. This helps to reinforce Remploy's new branding initiative: "Remploy - Survival Evolution." About Remploy Frontline Ltd. Remploy Frontline is an international leader in the design, development and manufacture of CBRN protection suits, life jackets and performance textiles. With a strong corporate focus on technology, Remploy Frontline combines a dedicated team of product development, customer service, manufacturing and management personnel to deliver solutions to customers around the world. The Remploy Group was set up under the 1944 Disabled Persons (Employment) Act by Ernest Bevin, then Minister of Labour in the United Kingdom. Since then Remploy has developed a highly successful factory network throughout the United Kingdom, operating across a diverse range of businesses including automotive, e-cycling, furniture, healthcare, household & toiletries, office services, packaging, printing, electronics and textiles. Continuing their founding philosophy, last year Remploy helped over 5,000 disabled people into sustainable employment. For more information, contact: Qui Diaz, Livingston Communications Phone: (703) 894.5460 Email: qui@livingstonbuzz.com