Skedco's Mass Casualty/Hazmat Decontaminable Sked Stretcher

For large incidents a shuttle system is set up using the kit supplied by Skedco.  It consists of eight HMD Skeds and eight Shuttle Sked ropes.  This kit fits in 3 rapid deployment bags that measure 14" diameter by 36" long.  Each rope is stuffed into a bag for rapid deployment.  Four HMD Skeds are unrolled and laid flat with the foot end curled up about 12 inches.  Attach the ropes, one at each end.  One bag of rope for each Sked is left at decon.  The rescuer in level A protection will pick up the foot end of 2 Skeds and bags of rope, one in each hand.  The HMD Skeds are dragged to the hot zone as rope pays out of the bag behind him.  When he reaches the first victim he rolls him onto the HMD Sked, signals decon and personnel at decon will easily drag the patient to safety.  After the second HMD Sked is loaded and en route to decon the level A rescuer will drag the empty HMD Sked back to re-load it.  This shuttle system is continued until all victims are evacuated.  Level A personnel should be replaced in time to be deconed  an on as needed basis.

For Larger incidents Skyhook winch is utilized with a continuous loop of rope.  The capstain style winch is mounted on a receiver type trailer hitch.  The rope is attached to the winch.  A knot passing pulley is anchored in the hot zone with the rope through it. A second knot passing pulley is placed on the rope near the winch to spread the two sides of the rope apart to prevent empty HMD Skeds from colliding with loaded ones as they are slid from the hot zone to decon and back. Spreading the two sides of the rope can also take up slack rope and shorten the distance from the winch to the hot-zone.  This system will haul six patients at a time and take empty HMD Skeds back to the hot zone at the same time.  With 2-3 rescuers in the hot zone, up to 200 or more patients can be saved in 30 minute time frame.  There is no system anywhere in the world that can surpass this.

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