Smiths Detection Launches Advanced Handheld Chemical Identifier

DANBURY, CT – Smiths Detection, part of the global technology business Smiths Group, today announces the launch of a new portable chemicalentifier specially designed for diverse field operations requiring quick and easyentification of unknown solids or liquids. The HazMatID Ranger is based on the company’s market-leading HazMatID™, a field-based solid and liquidentifier used by military and civil responders around the world. Stephen Phipson, Group Managing Director of Smiths Detection, said: “Our products already lead the way in advanced security solutions for military and civil markets, but we are always seeking new opportunities to broaden our industry position. The Ranger extends the versatility of our emergency response tool kit offering, which includes the HazMatID™, the most widely used portableentifier in the field.” Designed for handheld, backpack or robot-portability and ease of use in protective gear, the HazMatID Ranger is capable of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analysis by simply touching the diamond sensor tip to a sample. In seconds, the light-weight system provides Responders' with both spectral results and a list of probable substances to helpentify chemicals, as well as the actual components in mixtures. Bob Bohn, Director of Sales & Marketing, Smiths Detection Global Military/Emergency Response, said: “Users familiar with the HazMatID product line will benefit from the same speed, ease of use, and accuracy in Ranger operation, software and analysis. The Ranger is theeal tool for particularly challenging missions such as over large areas, through awkward spaces or incidents requiring multiple sampling.” The HazMatID Ranger library allows responders toentify over 32,000 suspicious white powders, WMDs, explosives, common and toxic chemicals. The system is also supported by ReachBack™ 24/7/365 technical assistance to aid responders with spectral interpretation in the field. Bohn continued: “It was important to combine broad mobility with our vast, credible libraries, and superior user support to give responders maximum capabilities to successfully resolve any mission.” About Smiths Detection Smiths Detection is part of the global technology business Smiths Group. It offers advanced integrated security solutions for customers in civil and military markets worldwide and is a leading technology developer and manufacturer of sensors that detect andentify explosives, chemical and biological agents, weapons, and contraband. Its advanced technology security solutions also include Smiths Heimann x-ray imaging systems, millimeter-wave technology and a specialist software supply business for the management of large sensor and video surveillance networks. Separate business units focus on related products for the life sciences, and food manufacturing industries. For more information visit www.smithsdetection.com About Smiths Group Smiths is a global technology company listed on the London Stock Exchange. A world leader in the practical application of advanced technologies, Smiths Group delivers products and services for the threat & contraband detection, medical devices, energy and communications markets worldwide. Our products and services make the world safer, healthier and more productive. Smiths Group employs more than 20,000 people in over 50 countries. For more information visit www.smiths.com Media Contacts: Dana Gower, Smiths Detection Phone: (203) 207-9700 Email: Dana.Gower@smithsdetection.com David Olsen, Coltrin & Associates for Smiths Detection Phone: (212) 221-1616 Email: David_Olsen@coltrin.com