STC Animal Disease Surveillance System Helps Spot Outbreaks in Humans

Tuscon, AR - Laboratory tests have confirmed 10 new cases of the H5N1 strain of avian influenza in Turkey, bringing the total number around the world to 147 with 48 deaths.  Widely predicted to be the next global pandemic, avian influenza poses a significant threat to the public health status.Given the continuing outbreaks of the H5N1 strain of avian influenza it is imperative that surveillance and reporting systems are in place to prevent and/or help mitigate the effects of a global pandemic.  Best cast scenarios of a major pandemic forecast that 2-7 million people would die and tens of millions would require attention. World Health Organization states, “The global spread of a pandemic can’t be stopped, but preparedness will reduce its impact.”  Surveillance systems can help public health workers spot potentially devastating outbreaks, allowing officials time to decide on the appropriate course of action.STC developed the innovative Michigan Disease Surveillance System (MDSS) to overlay human and animal disease surveillance maps, providing visual indication of early stage outbreak.  This innovative approach is a significant advance in the application of information technology in the public health sector.  Animals often serve as sentinels, providing early indication of human outbreaks.  More than 70 percent of emerging infection disease episodes in the past ten years have been zoonotic disease such avian influenza, transmitted from animals to humans.  By monitoring human and animal disease events simultaneously and in real-time, epidemiologists can spot devastating outbreaks in earlier stages than previously possible, giving officials more time to implement disease prevention and control methods.About Scientific Technologies Corporation STC is a global health informatics firm, delivering effective and reliable solutions for nearly two decades.  With eight statewide immunization management systems, disease reporting and management systems for seven states as well as Dallas County, New York City, and Washington, D.C., environmental health projects both domestically and internationally, STC is widely regarded as the foremost public health solutions provider on the market today. CONTACT:  Tiffany PotterScientific Technologies CorporationPhone: 520.202.3333Fax: 520.202.3340Email: tiffany_potter@stchome.comwww.stchome.com