Supervision of Police Personnel Online

Often the best patrol officer is promoted and then expected to do an entirely different job equally well, with little or no training in how to effectively supervise others. Supervision of Police Personnel prepares first-line personnel for a successful transition from officer to supervisor and provides the cornerstone for managerial and supervisory positions throughout the policing career.

The two-week course is designed to teach supervisors how to overcome contemporary leadership challenges and focuses on understanding human behavior and day-to-day work relationships with subordinates, superiors and the public. As emerging leaders navigating today's changing law enforcement environment, Supervision of Police Personnel students learn how to effectively motivate, evaluate and discipline employees in order to successfully carry out the visions of their law enforcement agencies.

Course instructors are police managers (active or retired) who combine extensive experience with solid academic credentials.

Course Content

  • Key elements of dynamic leadership
  • The supervisory challenge (role of the supervisor)
  • Communication skills
  • Employee performance appraisal
  • Motivational principles
  • Managing the problem employee
  • The personal profile system: DiSC instrument
  • Planning and decision making
  • The disciplinary process (complaint investigations)
  • Responsibilities of a staff officer
  • Ethics, professionalism and community image
  • Cultural diversity
  • Case studies in effective supervision

Who Should Attend
 Supervision of Police Personnel is an absolute must for all new supervisors or soon-to-be-promoted officers.

Northwestern University Credits Successful completion of Supervision of Police Personnel provides 1 unit of credit (approximately 3 semester credit hours) under the Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies new quarter system. Northwestern is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. These credits may be transferable or applicable to degree programs at colleges and universities. Students should check with the academic advisor at the school of his or her choice.

For more information, visit https://registration.nucps.northwestern.edu/courseDisplay.cfm?schID=420