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Off The Shelf Commercial SolutionsBioThreat Alert® Assays            -Number one with Hazmat TeamsRedline Alert™            -FDA cleared test for AnthraxVetAlert™            -PCR assays for agriculture diagnosis and industry safety Full Line of Molecular and Immunological Reagents and Assays IN STOCK!-Traditional targets such as anthrax, tularemia, ricin, botulinum toxins, brucella, small pox, etc.-Agricultural targets such as Foot in Mouth, PRRS, Lumpy Skin, Wheat Rust, etc. Contract Services for Government and Industry:Antibody development and assay development            -multiple formats (Rapid lateral flow, ELISA, biosensors, etc.)            -Kg capabilities            -Extremely specific monoclonal antibodies            -Many species of polyclonal antibodies PCR Development            -All platforms (ABI, Cepheid, BioRad,aho)            -Dry and wet formats            -One step assays            -Multiplex assays Mobile Bio-Laboratory Development            -Lab on wheels technology            -Operator training            -Equipment maintenance            -Custom assay development and production BSL 3 Capabilities            -Viral and bacterial culture            -Extensive repository            -Fully CDC/USDA compliant GMP Production            -First FDA cleared anthrax test (RedLine Alert)  ® BioThreat Alert and Tetracore are Registered Trademarks of Tetracore, Inc.RedLine Alert and VetAlert are Trademarks of Tetracore, Inc.Tetracore, Inc.9901 Belward Campus Drive, Suite 300Rockville, MD 20850Phone: (240) 268-5400 Fax: (240) 268-1107