Texshield Introduces The Saratoga(TM) HAMMER Suit

The SARATOGAä HAMMER Suit is a lightweight, breathable, chemical warfare protective overgarment, consisting of a coat with integral hood and separate trousers.  It is the most highly regarded suit of its kind and was developed at the request of a federal law enforcement agency familiar with the superior performance of the SARATOGAä JSLIST Suit – the only chemical protective overgarment qualified for use by the U.S. Department of Defense.

It is produced in the same, battle-tested, two-piece configuration as the JSLIST Suit, but in navy blue color, with Velcroä tape on the chest and sleeve shoulders for the placement of department I.D. patches.

The SARATOGAä HAMMER Suit meets or exceeds the level of protection from chemical warfare agents specified in MIL-C-29462.  Product testing with live chemical warfare agents at world-renowned independent test facilities validates the reliability of the SARATOGAä fabric.

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