The International Society of Respiratory Protection (ISRP) announces open registration for its 13th Biannual International Conference on Respiratory Protection for Health Care Workers, First Responders, and Emerging Hazards

The ISRP, an international organization of professionals with strong interest in respiratory protection, announces open registration for the 13th International Conference  (www.amersectisrp.org/toronto/) to be held August 27 to September 1 in Toronto, Canada.  This year’s conference is designed to be of interest to physicians, nurses, other health care professionals, emergency responders, and health and safety administrators who want the most up-to-date global perspective on protective standards, practices, and equipment for infectious aerosols, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) agents, and emerging issues (such as nano particles).  The Conference includes a “welcome” reception, exhibition, and an evening banquet. The ISRP Conference, held every 2 years in one of the 32 member countries, draws technical experts and regulatory professionals (NIOSH, CDC, WHO, BSI, DIN, etc.) from all around the world for networking and stimulating discussions of global respiratory protection topics.  Those interested in respiratory protection can join the ISRP for reduced Conference rates as well as access to the world-renowned Journal of International Society of Respiratory Protection.  Visit www.isrp.com.au for more information about joining the American, Asian, Australia-Pacific, or European sections of the Society, as well as registering for the Conference.For more information contact:    Simon J. Smith, Vice  President, ISRP3M Canada Company1360 California AvenueBrockville, Ontario, Canada K6V 5V8Phone: 1-613-345-0111Email: sjsmith@mmm.com