Thermo Electron Introduces the High-Performance Interceptor

WALTHAM, Mass. – Thermo Electron today introduced the Interceptor™, the first pager-sized instrument that enables anti-terrorism officials and other homeland security personnel to detect andentify possible nuclear threats. The Interceptor enables immediateentification of the radionuclide and electronically transmits the data, along with a digital picture and an audio description of the situation.

"Thermo Electron and our advanced spectroscopy partner, Target Instruments, worked closely with experienced first preventors and responders to develop a product that addresses today's security challenges," said Richard Oxford, director, Strategic Accounts at Thermo Electron,. "Our team developed the Interceptor over the past two years in response to the market's need for a Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD), a new category of pager-sized equipment."

The SPRD has features that have, until now, required two separate instruments: (1) a Personal Radiation Detector (PRD), and (2) a Radiation Isotopeentifier Device (RIID). The PRD is a hand-held device that is easily clipped to a duty belt and used by an emergency responder to detect a potential threat. While PRDs – like those from Thermo Electron with RadReachBack™ capabilities – communicate to a base station or appropriate experts; they do not pinpoint the type of isotope. That job typically falls to the RIID, a more sophisticated instrument, which is used toentify specific isotopes as the physical situation is assessed.

One Product Instead of Two – Plus Multiple Communications Options "The Interceptor is the first device of its kind to combine the high sensitivity of a PRD with the immediate, accurateentification capabilities of a high-resolution CZT and He3 based RIID, all in one, affordably priced, compact unit," said Thomas Loewald, vice president and general manager for Thermo Electron's Radiation Measurement and Security Instruments. "Byentifying the source isotope in real time, users can make immediate and informed decisions about interdiction actions."

Available in four versions with options that include combinations of advanced gamma finders, neutron finders andentification capabilities, the Interceptor provides superior coverage for users in the field. Its enhanced memory securely stores thousands of results, while an optional voice recorder and digital camera facilitate on-site capture of audio and video. The Interceptor also has a robust set of communications options which allow on-site personnel to "reach-back" to a command center, expert analysis facility or next-level response agency through Thermo's branded RadReachBack capability.

Low Acquisition and Operation Costs Because of the Interceptor's multiple features, agencies can now purchase one single unit rather than both a PRD and a RIID. Affordable basic units are scalable, allowing additional features to be added as needed. And the Interceptor's simple interface makes it easy to learn and operate, cutting down on both up-front training time and costs, and field errors. Designed and built in the U.S., the Interceptor is dust tight, waterproof and shock resistant, providing long-lasting, reliable service in real-world situations.

"Building on half a century of experience, the Interceptor is one more example of Thermo's commitment to and partnership with the emergency response and security community," Loewald added. "Working together, we will continue to develop products that protect those who protect us."

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