Training in Harm's Way vs. Training with Harmless Hazards®

Delaware State Fire School recently took delivery of their multiple-trainee mobile Harmless Hazards® Augmented Reality Fire Fighting & Homeland Security training unit.  This state-of-the-art technology will be demonstrated at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC-2006), Indianapolis, Indiana, Thursday-Saturday, April 27-29, 2006.  See the latest in Harmless Hazards® Fire Fighting/Flashover, HAZMAT, CBRNE & WMDT training at FDIC Outdoor Exhibit Space #7023. www.harmlesshazards.com/FDIC06.pdf Harmless Hazards® represents a fundamental change in the nature of training for firefighters and emergency responders - permitting realistic training to be conducted where emergencies actually happen.  Veteran Firefighter /Instructor comments, “It was safe training in a real environment.  It was awesome.”  Individuals who are required to step into harm's way can train by maneuvering in the actual locations where emergencies, accidents, or attacks can occur – or in a mobile trailer.  Harmless Hazards® builds situational awareness expertise - a key component to successful emergency response. The goal is to increase first responder and victim survivability, while reducing damage to property and facilities, including eliminating environmental damage caused by the training itself.  According to a 3-Star Vice Admiral, “It is a quantum leap forward.” Thousands of civilian and military fire fighting personnel have experienced and evaluated Harmless Hazards® training.  Feedback from veteran first responders and their commanders was universally positive.  “Now people will want to train” said a Second Petty Officer. Harmless Hazards Training, LLC manufactures and delivers state-of-the-art commercial "Augmented Reality" training systems to firefighters/emergency first responders for “HEADS-IN/HANDS-ON” training IN YOUR OWN LOCATION for fires/flashover (with realistic smoke and extinguishing) and CBRNE/WMDT (including realistic chemical spills, poison gases, nuclear/radiological incidents) -- with NO environmental impact, contamination, or cleanup.  A State Fire Academy Director said, “This is really incredible.  It looks like the real thing.” Harmless Hazards® provides critical training for novice to experienced firefighters and officers (individual and team situations):
  • Fire scene assessment, including low visibility situations
  • Rollover/flashoverentification and related offensive or defensive actions
  • Fire suppression and extinguishment
  • Smoke ventilation
  • Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) usage and related actions
  • Realistic physical exertion (hose handling, etc. in full turnout gear)
  • HAZMAT/CBRNE/WMD awareness, detection, and mitigation
  • Incident Command (conducted simultaneously with realistic firefighter/HAZMAT/CBRNE/WMDT training)
  • Train-the-trainer mentoring program to enable more senior officers to share life-lessons-learned with the next generation of firefighters and officers
Additionally, Harmless Hazards® provides metrics for quantitative (and repeatable) performance evaluation and testing of trainee and team progress.  Inclusion of standard NTSC video as part of the Harmless Hazards® Training System offers local and distance learning.   If you perform emergency training, or are responsible for safety within a government or corporate facility, investment in the Harmless Hazards® Training System can help prevent an emergency from becoming a catastrophe.  www.harmlesshazards.com For more information, please contact:Dr. John F. Ebersole Harmless Hazards Training, LLCTel: (603) 471-2778ebersolehht@harmlesshazards.comwww.harmlesshazards.com