TSA Testing New Iscon 1000D, Which Detects All Objects Without Passenger Health & Privacy Issues

WOBURN, MA - Iscon Video Imaging is introducing two new airport passenger scanners with a patented Thermal-Boosted Infrared Detection System that only shows objects and clothing without any harmful radiation.

The new Iscon system reveals the thermal imprint of any material -- plastic, wood, metal, ceramic powder as well as metal.

“The Iscon system is a next generation imaging and detection system that creates a temperature differential between clothes and a hidden object,” explains founder and President, Izrail Gorian. “We’ve eliminated the two most prevalent concerns about airport scanner technology – radiation exposure and privacy issues.  The U.S Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is currently testing our technology which we are ready to sell to airports and other security sensitive facilities.”

The patented, proprietary Iscon system is being introduced in two configurations.  The whole body scanner portal, Iscon 1000D, is less expensive than other systems and takes up less space at cramped security check-in areas.  A complete scan and detection takes 30 seconds so passengers can quickly move through security areas.

Iscon is also introducing a portable system called “GameChangeIR”, a hand-held device, using the same technology in the 1000D for more selective scanning applications.   Security personnel can use it to detect objects hidden in “difficult” hiding places.  Used in conjunction with a metal detector, it provides the operator with a sophisticated body scanning system at a fraction of the cost of other body-scanning portals.

“The GameChangeIR simply automates the intrusive, time consuming pat-down, which is a welcome advancement for airport security personnel as well as any passenger who has been unnecessarily subjected,” Gorian explains.   It is easy to deploy and can be operated with minimal training.  In addition to smaller airports, this device can be used for screening at government and corporate buildings and factories as well as retail establishments for loss prevention.

For more information or to view the demo, please visit Iscon Video Imaging.

About Iscon Video Imaging Currently based in Woburn, Massachusetts, Iscon Video Imaging, LLC was founded in 1997 by Izrail Gorian, PhD and Galina Doubinina, PhD.  The company began as an image processing consulting company and was incorporated in the State of Delaware. On October 10, 2005, Iscon raised seed money to develop IBSS, Infrared Based Security Screening. Since then Iscon has secured multiple rounds of financing from a range of companies including Isonics and later New York private equity firm, Columbus Nova. In January of 2006 Iscon was converted from an LLC to Iscon Video Imaging, Inc. Iscon Video Imaging.

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