TVI Corporation Receives $286,000 Order from U.S. Army for PAPR Air Pressure Testers

GLENN DALE, Md.--March 27, 2006--TVI Corporation (NASDAQ: TVIN -), a global supplier of rapidly deployable first responder systems for homeland security, hospitals, the military, police and fire departments, and public health agencies, today announced it has received a $286,000 order from the U.S. Army for its Lightweight Motor Blower (LWMB) pressured-air testers, designed by TVI's SafetyTech(TM) subsidiary.The LWMB testers are used to pressure check C420 powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs) for air-tight quality. The tester also will verify that the device is working properly and can effectively protect against Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) agents, before it is used in the field."As a follow-on from a previous small order, this is the largest production order for our LWMB testers to date," said Richard V. Priddy, President and Chief Executive Officer of TVI Corporation. "This order reaffirms the type of repeat business that we envisioned when we acquired SafetyTech. It also reflects the strong relationship SafetyTech maintains with the U.S. military.""TVI continues its efforts to broaden its product offerings to the homeland security and military markets," continued Priddy. "The LWMB testers are another item in our expanding suite of PAPR products, and align with our strategy of creating recurring revenue stream opportunities for TVI."About TVI CorporationTVI Corporation, located in Glenn Dale, Maryland, is a global supplier of rapidly deployable first responder systems for homeland security, hospitals, the military, police and fire departments, and public health agencies. The Company designs, fabricates and markets products and systems both through distributors and directly to end-users and OEMs. These systems include chemical and biological decontamination systems, infection control systems, and powered air respirator systems for individuals. The Company's core systems are fabric shelter structures, which employ the Company's proprietary articulating frame. The Company also sells a line of thermal products, which includes targets, IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) devices, beacons and markers, and decoys.During the past several years, TVI's product line has expanded to include Chem/Bio Isolation systems for hospitals and first responders, trailerized first responder products, crime scene investigation systems for police, and mobile hospitals. TVI's products, and others of their kind, represent integral components of a standard decontamination process.The TVI designation is a service mark of TVI Corporation. All other company and product names mentioned above are trade names and/or trademarks of their respective owners. For more information concerning TVI, please visit the Company at: www.tvicorp.com. 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