U.S. Department of Homeland Security Approves Pandemic Preparedness Awareness Course

In cooperation with the California Department of Health Services (DHS) we proudly announce the approval of the Pandemic Preparedness Awareness Course, allowing first responders, including state and local law enforcement, fire, EMS agencies and providers, public health and safety workers, utility workers, hospital staff, and any organization needing to educate itself and others about pandemic flu, to attend the training.The core content curriculum of the 1-day Pandemic Preparedness Awareness Course is an up-to-date, thorough and informative awareness-level training on pandemic influenza, delivered in three modules, each developed around a thorough PowerPoint presentation.Module 1: Provides source information focusing on statistics, history, and science, and introduces the concept of sheltering in place for pandemic flu.Module 2: Includes planning assumptionsentified in the Implementation Plan for the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza, May 2006, and CDC planning guidance on nonpharmaceutical interventions and the Pandemic Severity Index. It provides details on sheltering in place and lists supplies to have on hand for 7–10 days. It alsoentifies ways to plan for difficult situations.Module 3: Addresses NIMS, SEMS, and ICS, and expands information on actions that would likely take place in the event of a pandemic. It offers tips on treating colds and flu, and when to seek medical help. It discusses personal protective equipment (PPE) and standard precautions, and also provides a case definition of avian flu and PPE.All participants receive a Participant Guide, including thumbnails and text from the PowerPoint presentations that form the basis of this course. The Guide also includes checklists, fact sheets, and important references and resources. Its purpose is to serve as a useful reference guide for participants long after they have taken the Course. In order to provide the opportunity for appropriate staff to become eligible to train their own staff on Pandemic Preparedness Awareness, a more advanced two-day Train the Trainer Pandemic Preparedness Awareness Course (T/T) is also approved. Attendees in the T/T Course receive, in addition to the Participant Guide, an Instructor Manual. A tabbed binder and accompanying CD contain customizable PowerPoint presentations and explanatory notes pages, which provide essential information to accompany each slide, checklists based on CDC recommendations, fact sheets, and instructor materials such as pre/post tests, references, and resources. The Instructor Manual plus the appropriate number of Participant Guides are all that are needed for the certified attendee to train his or her own staff.For additional Course information, please contact the Course developer, www.toucaned.comFor funding/authorization please utilize your organization’s normal process. Governor’s Office of Homeland Security, Training and Exercise Division1120 K St, Ste 101, Sacramento California 95816 (916) 325-8908www.homeland.ca.gov/hseep/traininghome.html