UKs Department for Transport Approves GE Ion Tracks Next Generation Itemiser3

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Wilmington, MA October 14,2003 GE Ion Track, a leading provider of instruments to airports worldwide for detectingtrace amounts of targeted explosives to help protect the traveling public, announced thatthe United Kingdoms Department for Transport (DfT) has approved GE Ion TracksItemiser3 for use in transport security applicationsincludingaviationafter successful completion of the DfTs evaluation of the explosives tracedetection equipment. 

 In recent tests carried out by the Police Scientific Development Branch ofthe Home Office on behalf of the Department for Transport, GE Ion Track Itemiser3met the required performance standard.  Consequentlythe GE Ion Track Itemiser3 is approved for use in UK transport security explosives trace detection applications, provided it isused in accordance with an approved Department for Transport protocol. 

 Itemiser3 utilizes GE Ion Tracks patented Ion Trap MobilitySpectrometer (ITMS) technology, enabling its users to detect a wider range ofexplosives with unprecedented sensitivity.  Itachieves this through a proprietary ion trap that increases ionization efficiency,the main factor determining detection sensitivity. Combining ITMS with a unique membranefilter that reduces contaminants, Itemiser3 delivers uninterrupted performanceeven in dirty, humid and high-traffic areas.

 The UnitedKingdoms Department forTransports recent approval of the Itemiser3 for use in transport securityapplications follows the recent confirmation from the United States TransportationSecurity Administration (TSA) that GE Ion Tracks EntryScan3 completed andpassed laboratory acceptance testing.  Entryscan3is the first and only walk-through explosive trace detection system to have received theTSAs laboratory acceptance. Field evaluations of the EntryScan3 haverecently begun at HeathrowAirport.

 The Entryscan3 is a non-intrusive, walk-through explosivesdetection portal designed to detect explosives concealed on the body of terroristsattempting to circumvent checkpoint security.  TheEntryscan3 represents a significant breakthrough inexplosives detection and will bolster existing airport and other high-threat facilitiescheckpoint security measures. 

 To date, GE Ion Tracks equipment has been installed inmore than 300 airports worldwide.

 AboutGE Ion Track

GE Ion Track has been a pioneer in thedevelopment of advanced trace detection technologies since its founding in 1973.  GE Ion Tracks detection technology enables arapid, non-intrusive scan for concealed explosives and illegal drugs at airports, prisons,customs checkpoints, government buildings, and other high-security locations.

With offices in many countries, thebusiness sells to governments worldwide to provide explosives detection and druginterdiction equipment. GE Ion Track is an industry leader in developing advancedtechnologies to meet the changing needs of security and law enforcement. GE Ion Track,Inc. is a subsidiary of GE Interlogix, Inc., a part of GE Industrial Systems based in Plainville,Connecticut.  For more information visit the website at: http://www.geiontrack.com.

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