Virginia Tech Selects Veoci for Managing Emergencies

New Haven, CT - After a thorough evaluation that included a live drill test, Virginia Polytechnic and State University (Virginia Tech) has selected and launched Veoci as its virtual Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Virginia Tech will use Veoci as the single-common platform for managing emergencies. The system’s duties include planning and overseeing emergency drills and major events; storing and analyzing building, hazard, and asset data; equipping teams with a common medium for instant communications; and managing all phases of an emergency response while supplying a complete situational overview. Veoci’s software uses new technologies to provide a solution to these complex requirements.

In its evaluation of current software solutions, Virginia Tech found Veoci to be the platform that comprehensively satisfied the University’s needs. With Veoci, Virginia Tech can link operational functional groups in a customizable virtual environment, as well as centralize and organize all of their interactions (person-to-person, person-to-system, field-to-office, field-to-field) so that all information flows to those who need it, and information is not inadvertently overlooked or lost.

Naiara Azpiri, vice president for sales at Veoci says, “We are proud of the opportunity to work with Virginia Tech. The Virginia Tech team did a most thorough evaluation of both their needs and the capabilities of our product. We are very happy that we were selected as we continue with software enhancements with our Agile development team to retain our position as the technology leader for emergency management.”

Veoci is a user-friendly SaaS platform that can be used on any computer, tablet, and mobile device for operations in the EOC, remote office locations, and in the field.

About Virginia Polytechnic and State University  Virginia Polytechnic and State University is a leading American academic and research institution, ranking 25th among public universities nationally. Its College of Engineering is ranked 15th. Visit http://www.vt.edu for more information.

About Veoci  Grey Wall Software, the makers of Veoci, is an innovative technology firm based in New Haven, CT. It offers Veoci (Virtual Emergency Operations Center on the Internet) as a unique solution for incident, emergency and operations management. Visit http://www.veoci.com for more details.