Visual and Communication Solutions for Hazardous Environments

RICHMOND, British Columbia - One of the biggest challenges facing workers in hazardous environments is reliable communication equipment. The CON-SPACE EntryLink Diversity system used in conjunction with the SR65M or SRVA Radio Accessory provides both visual and communication to protect entrants in the Hot Zone.

The EntryLink Diversity allows an entry team of a CBRNe, Hazmat or Mass Decon situation to operate quickly and safely. A wireless video camera system, the EntryLink Diversity gives the Incident Commander a clear audio and visual link to those inside the Hot Zone. The Diversity’s one or three mobile antenna-receivers extend the camera’s signal capability, while providing the best possible video image. The Incident Commander can direct those in the field, in real time, using the remote video monitor. This allows the incident to be completed with fewer entries, saving time and reducing the exposure to potential safety threats. The EntryLink Diversity also has the capability of recording video footage for future evaluation or forensic evidence.

While using the EntryLink Diversity allows video and audio communications to those outside the Hot Zone, it does not provide in-suit communications for those going into hazardous environments. The CON-SPACE SR65M or SRVA Radio Accessory are designed to be worn inside any PPE suit used in CBRNe incidents, HazMat and Mass Decon situations. They provide in-suit communications that are easy to operate in any Level A, B, or C suit. Both the SR65M and SRVA come with a variety of hearing options depending on the responder’s preference and are interoperable with almost all radios.

The EntryLink Diversity, when used with the SR65M or SRVA Radio Accessories, prevents multiple entries into the hazardous environment. The Incident Commander outside the hot zone can view what is going on remotely, while those inside have reliable in-suit communications, greatly increasing the safety in the hazardous working environment.

About CON-SPACE Communications Ltd. CON-SPACE Communications Ltd. and its five principal product lines are the Eyes, Ears and Voice of first responders around the world and have been for two decades. CON-SPACE Hardline, Radio Gear, SearchCam, EntryLink and Delsar Life Detectors are the originals in the field of technical rescue. They’re time-proven, reliable, field tested and easy to use. First responders rely on CON-SPACE products to save lives.

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