Division of Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Course

This is scheduled for September 2-6

Target Audience/Disciplines 

Personnel to be trained should be involved in SNS planning and coordination at the federal /state / regional / local level. Personnel assigned to the following positions would best benefit from this course. State / Project area BT Coordinator State / Project Area SNS Coordinator, Regional Emergency Response Planner / Coordinator, Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) Coordinator, State / Project Area RSS Warehouse Manager, State / Project Area Security Coordinator, State / Project Area / CRI Distribution Planner, State / Project Area / CRI Public Information / Communications Coordinator, State / Project Area / Regional / CRI Pharmacist, Regional / Local / CRI Planner who plans and coordinates Mass Dispensing activities, and Federal Personnel who would augment or support State / Regional / Local authorities in Distribution and Dispensing activities.


The Strategic National Stockpile Preparedness Course is a 3 day course designed to give federal, state, and local officials information on how to best plan and prepare for a public health emergency and how to use and manage the Strategic National Stockpile in response to a terrorist attack, natural disaster, or technological accident.

Below are some, but not all, of the critical skill sets learned during this training program:

  • The DSNS Program, the levels of support provided by the DSNS, and the response concepts of the DSNS.
  • Planning considerations and operational requirements for receiving, distributing and dispensing of DSNS material.
  • Threat agents and those antibiotics and vaccines in the DSNS Formulary that are either FDA approved or used under an investigational new drug (IND) for those agents
  • Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), its intent, how it is obtained, its use and limitations.
  • Major considerations for designing a system to quickly dispense prophylactic medications to the public to protect it from a biological attack
  • The responsibilities and tasks associated with opening, running, and closing the Points of Dispensing (POD)

Course Length: 3.0 days

Course Code:PER-310

To learn more visit, https://web.archive.org/web/20150909231901/https://cdp.dhs.gov/training/program/ae/

To register for this visit, https://web.archive.org/web/20140912082912/https://cdp.dhs.gov/register/registration-process/

Domestic Preparedness

Domestic Preparedness



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