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Triggered Collapse, Part 6: A Nationwide Call to Action

Similar to pandemic preparedness, the U.S. government is not doing enough to prepare for failure of municipal water systems when the electric grid goes down. Government programs do not address loss of law and order or cessation of food production and delivery services. Elected and appointed officials often downplay the number of deaths

Triggered Collapse, Part 5: Gaps in National Disaster Planning Scenarios

In contrast to experts’ estimates of millions of deaths, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) pandemic influenza planning scenario refers to just 87,000 casualties – not much more than a bad seasonal flu. This version of the scenario seen in public forums has planning assumptions on virus lethality, worker absenteeism, and maintenance

Triggered Collapse, Part 4: Cascading Consequences Beyond the Event

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security is a credible source for dealing with pandemics and disaster response. In 2018, the Center created a realistic simulation of a moderately contagious and moderately lethal virus, similar to the lethality of the 2002 SARS outbreak, which killed about 10 percent of those infected. Designed by

Triggered Collapse, Part 3: Lessons in Lawlessness

A pandemic, loss of the electric system, or other triggering disaster need not be that effective in directly killing people to generate a collapse that results in millions of deaths and a weakened nation. The “cascading effects” of an economic shut down – loss of law and order, looting and marauding, disruption of

Triggered Collapse, Part 2: Viral Pandemics

The nation currently faces an age of bioengineered viral pandemics and collapse. Advances in biotechnology enable nations, terrorist groups, or even lone wolves to create genetically modified organisms (GMOs) such as a human-to-human transmissible version of avian flu or to modify a lethal virus to facilitate a longer period of contagion and undetected

Triggered Collapse, Part 1: A Nation Unprepared

As numerous past disasters and government exercises have indicated, many people will take advantage of overwhelmed police to loot and maraud. “Preppers” are well aware of this threat, but it may be politically incorrect for government officials to honestly address lawlessness and risk offending voters, so they lack preparation for the problem of


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Article Out Loud – Planning for a Cross-Country Special Event

A solar eclipse is a unique form of special event that does not always fall under emergency planning protocols, but it should. This article urges preparedness professionals to collaborate with eclipse planning committees to ensure the safety and security of all those involved.

Article Out Loud – Citizen Soldiers and American State Defense Forces

By JAMES P. HOWARD Ⅱ, An Article Out Loud from the Domestic Preparedness, September 06, 2023.Targeted-violent events threaten staff and students’ physical, psychological, and emotional well-being in public schools. However, the increasing frequency of these incidents raises concerns about the preparedness of incoming teachers and current staff to handle such


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