Invisible Chains: Human Trafficking, Drug Abuse, and Support

hands tied with rope in darkDespite the physical force that is often portrayed in movies, human traffickers more often lure their victims using psychological tactics. As a result, the victims can become dependent on the traffickers and the substances they supply. Trauma-informed care and advocacy are actions first responders, legislators, and others can take to support survivors within their communities.

Fentanyl Hazards and Detection

Two scientists in yellow PPE prepare samples under scientific hoodThe deadly opioid epidemic in the United States does not stop at overdoses. It also poses life-threatening exposure to first responders who arrive on scene. Learn about the new ways scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are expanding detection strategies and technologies to keep these responders safe.

Article Out Loud – Fentanyl Hazards and Detection

  Full article by Ashley Bradley and Kristin Omberg, an Article Out Loud from Domestic Preparedness, June 12, 2024. In this feature article, a biomedical scientist and a senior technical advisor […]

A Modern Take on an Age-Old Biological Weapon

Two scientists in blue PPE gown and yellow gloves crouched while taking samplesReports about North Korea launching balloons filled with fecal matter and propaganda into South Korean territory were intriguing. However, this incident raises public health concerns and the question of whether fecal matter could be utilized in modern times as an effective biological weapon.

The Nexus Between Drug and Human Trafficking

mexican border, fence on left with woodsy mountain aheadTransnational criminal organizations are using their experience in drug trafficking to utilize routes and operating procedures to take advantage of other criminal opportunities, such as human trafficking.

A Plan to Protect the Youngest Children

two young children at desk writing with pencil in right handMost educational and training programs for protecting schools against targeted violence, drugs, and human trafficking do not include the youngest students – preschoolers. However, one program in Florida that is free to the schools is an example of how other states can close this preparedness gap.
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