May 2023

Featured in this issue: Editor Note:25 Years of Insights for Safer Communities by Catherine L. Feinman; Labor Trafficking – The Case Study of Marco by Richard Schoeberl, Anthony Mottola, & […]

April 2023

Featured in this issue: Editor Note: Planning for Future Events Requires Updated Plans by Catherine L. Feinman; Preparing the Next Generation for Increasing Disasters by Kay C. Goss; Hazmat on the Rail by Glen Rudner; Covenant School – Reviewing Another Tragic Shooting by Tanya Scherr & Dan Scherr; The DoD Defense Coordinating Element and How It Is Certified by Patrick B. McNiece; Biosafety Laboratory Issues and Failures by Robert C. Hutchinson; Eclipses Again Will Darken the Sky in 2023 and 2024 by Laurel J. Radow; Labor Trafficking – An Underreported Escalating Crisis by Richard Schoeberl, Anthony Mottola, & David Gonzalez; Preparedness Promoters – Assessing Marginalized Populations by Maxwell Palmer;

March 2023

Featured in this issue: Editor Note:Information Sharing – A Powerful Life-Saving Tool by Catherine L. Feinman; Data Sharing – A Necessary Public Safety Tool by Michael Breslin; An Integrated Public Safety Approach for Evolving Threats by Eva Jernegan; Tornadoes – Adapting Plans for a Changing Environment by Cameron Gonteski; A National Plan to Link Response and Recovery by Robert J. (Bob) Roller; Fostering Public Buy-In to Support Public Safety by Taylor Bonsall-Winn; Guidance for Preparing Professionals Mentally for the Worst by James L. Greenstone & Weldon Walles; Challenging the Next Generation to Communicate Preparedness by Chris Sheach; Leader of the Pack – Canine Detection by Barb Clark;

February 2023

Featured in this issue: Editor Note: Threat Awareness – Actions Now Mitigate Disaster Later by Catherine L. Feinman; Threat Assessment and Management: Practices Across the World by Carl Amritt, Eliot Bradshaw & Alyssa Schulenburg; Trends in Political Violence and Mass Demonstrations by Richard Schoeberl; Protests: Balancing First Amendment Rights and Public Safety by Matthew Loeslie; Winter Storm – Reimagining Recovery Using Support Functions by Jamie Hannan & Stephanie Wright; PACEing a Communications Resilience Plan by Charles J. Guddemi; Building Business Post-Disaster – A Florida Case Study by Mark McQueen; Technological Strategies for Organizational Leadership by Nathan DiPillo; Linking Resilience and Innovation for Emergency Preparedness by Nia D’Emilio & Christopher Tarantino;

January 2023

Featured in this issue: Editor Note: Strong Foundations – What Every Disaster Plan Needs by Catherine L. Feinman; How One Town Stood Up to a Category 4 Storm by Jennifer Languell; Building Design for Safety and Resilience – First Steps by Paul Marshall; Benefits of Industrial Liaisons – A Harris County Example by Jamie Hannan; Beachie Creek Fire – A Practitioner’s Firsthand Account by Charles (Chuck) Perino; The Pony Express Rides Again by Monty Dozier; Virtual Reality Training Revolution Is Here by Peter Johnson; Crisis Standards of Care – A Mental Health Perspective by James L. Greenstone; Applications for a Newly Developed Risk and Resilience Tool by Christina Nunez, Kyle Pfeiffer & Rao Kotamarthi;

December 2022

Featured in this issue: Editor Note: Building Strength in Workforce and Structure by Catherine L. Feinman; The Importance of Strong Leadership for a Unique Discipline by David Fogerson; Maintaining a Strong Volunteer Force by Kristina L. Hamilton; Implementing “Stop the Bleed” for Future K-12 Educators by Will Brewer, Peggy Bergeron, and Wayne Bergeron; Applying Environmental Design to Prevent Active Shooters by Rodney Andreasen; Value of Enterprise Data Management in Emergency Management by Anne Marie Smith; How Technology Systems Impact Critical Infrastructure by Nathan DiPillo & Paul Galyen;

November 2022

Featured in this issue: Editor Note: Find Chances to Make Positive Changes by Catherine L. Feinman; Nuclear Threats Against the Homeland: Impact and Preparation by Tanya M. Scherr, Daniel Scherr & Richard Schoeberl; Training the Next Generation of Cyber Guardians by Steve Stein; Power Outages, Communication Failures & Healthcare by Daniel Rector; The Role of Faith in Disasters by Michael Prasad; Switch to Online Enables New Active Shooter Training for All by Michael Melton; Workplace Strategies to Reduce Burnout and Build Resilience by Judy Kruger & Chris Paquet; Avoiding the Complacency Trap After This Hurricane Season by Mark Misczak; PPD-44: Implications for Domestic Incident Management by Robert J. (Bob) Roller.

October 2022

Featured in this issue: Editor Note: Listen to the Warnings, Plan for Threats by Catherine L. Feinman; Monkeypox: A Public Health Update by Mabel De Leo & Deborah Sateler; Looking Back to Look Ahead to Protect the Food Supply by Benjamin Lieb & Jason Bashura; Earthquakes & Pandemic – Keeping People Fed Amid Crises by Zsofia Pasztor & Szabolcs Pasztor; Taking Flight – Creating a Robust Aviation Response, Part 2 by James Origliosso & Sky Terry; Lessons From Leading Virtual Operations by Jennifer Pearsall; A Communicator’s Overview of a Large-Scale Exercise by Michael Montfort; Rationale for Structuring Pandemic Response on a War Footing by Thomas Russo; Chemical Sector Perspectives by Patrick Coyle;

September 2022

Featured in this issue: Editor Note: Resources Not to Be Overlooked by Catherine L. Feinman; Strategic Depth & the Fight Against Violent Extremism by Richard Schoeberl & W. Cochran Pruett; Credentialing a Nation’s Volunteer Responder Network by Patty Ridings; Uvalde Shooting – A Predictable Surprise by William H. Austin; Respecting Tribal Emergency Management by John Pennington; Tribal Nations Test Their Communications Capabilities by Bruce Fitzgerald; Building Resource Capacity – Start Now by Andrew Altizer & Timothy Murphy; Military Combat Skills for Civilian Disaster Response by Lisa Nenno & Timothy Miller; Taking Flight – Creating a Robust Aviation Response, Part 1 by Sky Terry;

August 2022

Featured in this issue: Editor Note: Preparedness – A Constant Juggle by Catherine L. Feinman; There Was a Pandemic Strategy and Plan by Robert C. Hutchinson; Successful Application – Virtual Emergency Operations Center by Judy Kruger & Kyle Overly; Hospital Response – A Personal Training Experience by Erin Valentine; The Expanding Role of Tactical Medicine by Ian Pleet; Responding Respectfully to People With Disabilities by James Martin; How Natural Disasters Exacerbate Human Trafficking by Hailey York & Lindsey Lane; Reduce Burnout & Increase Retention in Emergency Management by Kesley Richardson; Wanted: Mental Health Support for Disaster Trauma by Ruth Baugher Palmer, Mary McNaughton-Cassill & Mary Schoenfeldt;
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