Porous Borders & Cultivated Threats

As the United States embarks on the 2016 presidential campaign, the great debate on immigration and border security continues to be a blistering topic. However, controlling the borders is far more than just immigration control, it is about providing national security and protecting the American people from the threats that loom on the horizon.

Planning in Miami for Changes in Cuba

Changes in the relationship between the United States and Cuba have come fast and furious since the December 2014 announcement by the Obama administration that diplomatic relations would resume between the two former foes. Understanding past incidents will help the nation address current and future concerns as movement between these two countries increases.

DomPrep Journal: Preparing Communities

The DomPrep Journal features original content written by practitioners in various emergency preparedness and resilience fields. Addressing the needs of professionals dedicated to preparing and protecting their communities, the first four issues of the 2016 volume have been downloaded a total of more than 200,000 times! To view these or other past issues, visit the DomPrep Journal page.

Natural Disasters: View From the Northeast

Natural disasters can have devastating consequences, as seen following Superstorm Sandy. DomPrep interviewed three distinguished guests to learn more about this topic from the local, regional, and federal perspectives and to provide insights on current mitigation efforts to prepare for, respond to, and recover from future threats.

Critical Infrastructure – Addressing an Overarching Concept

Since 9/11, critical infrastructure has evolved from a basic awareness of security into robust discussions on how to sustain entire communities. Each natural and manmade disaster emphasizes the need for greater sustainability and resilience. In this podcast, subject matter experts discuss some of these lessons learned, as well as development of career fields and bodies of knowledge.

The Broad Topic of Environmental Health & Security

The Ebola outbreak, droughts, and the Elk River chemical spill are just a few of the environmental health concerns that have occurred in 2014. With many societal and cultural changes, such broad topics can be difficult to effectively address, but this podcast brings together subject matter experts to do just that.

Public Health – How Prepared Is the Nation

Public health encompasses pandemics and bioterrorism incidents as much as injury and illness threats following other types of disasters. This podcast interview brings together subject matter experts to discuss the challenges, roles, and responsibilities of state, local, and federal agencies when dealing with a public health disaster.

Training for Special Events – Keeping Them Safe & Secure

To address the gaps and concerns revealed in a recent article and flash poll, subject matter experts discussed training efforts necessary to ensure adequate security at large-scale special events. The challenge of securing special events can be compounded by daily responsibilities, especially where civil violence exists.

Public-Private Partnerships – Ensuring the Safety of the Public

Events such as the Boston Marathon bombing highlight the need to prepare for the unexpected. On 3 April 2014, the United States Park Police held a first-of-its-kind tabletop exercise with event organizers of the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run. This podcast provides insights on the importance of bringing external partners to the table during the special event planning process.

DomPrep Goes Mobile

Busy practitioners need information and want to receive it as quickly as possible. DomPrep meets these requirements with its new Mobile Edition of DomesticPreparedness.com. Easier access and faster connection speeds, with no login or password required, are just a few benefits for modern smartphone users.
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