Anthrax Field Testing: Pros & Cons

by Martin Masiuk

One of the greatest dangers facing the United States is a terrorist attack using biological-warfare weapons – anthrax seems to be the most likely possibility. An anti-anthrax program that does not work could waste hundreds of millions of dollars. A program that "works" but is not completed in time to protect the American people could cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Reliable and quick detection is a very controversial topic with numerous pros and cons to be considered. To facilitate the debate, DPJ is pleased to present two well-researched and thought-out articles in a "point/counterpoint" way.   The first:  Question? Is Anthrax Present: Too Long to Wait for an Answer, written by Kate Rosenblatt  The second: APHL Position Statement: Field Testing Kits, Devices Must Be Validated, by Chris N. Mangal  This approach, we hope, will help our readers to make their own decisions – an especially important consideration at a time when quick as well as correct decisions absolutely must be made.  Your opinions are important to us, and are hereby solicited. Marty Masiuk