The Dopplerian Resonance Effect on Continual Preparedness

Memories of even the most cataclysmic disaster fade as time passes, but those memories are important reminders that continued vigilance is needed to ensure that similar disasters are avoided in the future.

NIMS Preparedness and Resource Management

One of the core components of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) is Resource Management. Preparedness is another. The other principal components are: Communications and Information Management; Command and Management; and On-Going Management and Maintenance. Because both Resource Management and Preparedness affect and are affected by the other NIMS components

A Jubilant Festival of Preparedness

A behind-the-scenes CDC report on how DHS’s NIMS & ICS guidelines were pressed into service to protect the participants (from 27 countries and territories) in this year’s Festival of Pacific Arts, hosted by American Samoa.

CPG 101: All Hazards and All Phases

Emergency planning has a long, rich history not only in the United States but also in other industrialized countries throughout the world. The Federal Civil Defense Guide was compiled and promulgated during the 1960s. Next came the Civil Preparedness Guide in the 1970s. For the last 12 years its successor – the State and Local

Undomiciled: Domestic Preparedness for the Homeless

When disaster strikes the impact is felt by all members of the community, including those without homes, without power (electric or political), and sometimes (far too often) almost without hope.

Higher Fuel Costs, Less Public Safety

The rising cost of fuel is having a significant, and adverse, impact on not only individual consumers but also the operations of all levels of government – and private-sector organizations and agencies as well. Businesses are forced to limit face-to-face visits with clients, and more of them are allowing employees

Standards for Sharing Intelligence and Information

It has taken years to remedy the intelligence-sharing deficiencies reported by the 9-11 Commission, but Congress and the President have worked hard to overcome the ignorance and apathy that once were the norm but are now the exception.When individual professionals, government agencies and other organizations, and the private sector join

New Radiological Tool Kits Available from CDC

A major upgrading of state and local abilities to respond to radiological emergencies is now possible, thanks to CDC’s development and production of two new on-the-scene tool kits.

Dead Reckoning: EMS, Death, and Resource Management

The assumption that an accident victim who is not breathing is dead can be a fatal mistake – for the victim. Which is just one of many reasons why so many laws governing the handling of apparent deaths have been enacted by every state in the union.


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