Missouri, Rhode Island, and Nevada

Missouri, Rhode Island, and Nevada By Anthony Lanzillotti Missouri Funeral Directors seek help with PPE funding Funeral home directors in Missouri have asked the state to help them obtain federal funding for the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE). The request came after a recent meeting of the directors to discuss

Ohio, California and Minnesota

A dirty bomb is hidden inside a vessel at a port facility somewhere on Lake Erie. SWAT teams, more than 180 first responders, and a large number of EMS student victims are among the many-splendored participants in an extended counter-terrorism exercise at Ohio Tests Lake Erie Dirty-Bomb Scenario Just two weeks

Virtual Exercises: They’re the Real Thing!

Frequent and effective training is one of the keys to carrying out an adequate domestic-preparedness plan of any type. Such training costs money, though, and funds are scarce.

Ohio, Hawaii, California, and Minnesota

¬† Ohio Just two weeks before the large “TOPOFF3” exercise tapped major resources in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, the state of Ohio held a small tabletop exercise focusing on the threat of a sea borne radiological dispersal device. The scenario included a “dirty bomb” hidden within a vessel

Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Wyoming

In this issue: Pennsylvania seeks funds for rural areas. Massachusetts updates biological-warfare defense plans. Illinois awards grants to TechAlt, Midco. Wyoming upgrades its inland-waterways capabilities.

Maryland, Georgia, Arizona, & Mississippi

This issue: Maryland focuses on assistance grants; Georgia assigns responsibilities to Homeland Security Task Force; Arizona continues TOPOFF4 planning; and Mississippi provides a full calendar of training options.

Hospital Staffing for Decontamination

In the new post-9/11 world the emergency community can no longer afford the luxury of compartmentalization. Planning, cooperation, and training together all will be needed – along with additional funds.

Oregon, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Kentucky

Oregon¬†City of Portland Selected for Terrorism Exercise in 2007Portland, Ore., one of the fifteen cities that applied to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2004, has been chosen as one of two sites for the ‚ÄúTOPOFF4‚ÄĚ exercise scheduled for 2007. The Oregon Office of Homeland Security (OOHS) is

Rosie the Riveter and Homeland Security

Rosie the Riveter was the poster girl for the U.S. arsenal of democracy that played a major role in the WWII Allied victory. She has been recalled to active duty in the U.S.-led global war on terrorism, and last week made a personal appearance at the Home

GIS Solutions for Medium and Small Law-Enforcement Agencies

The new crop of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) programs are compact, affordable, and immensely useful. The local patrol car can use them to check property records, the underground infrastructure, and even the names and breeds of neighborhood dogs.

A Note From the Publisher

Responding to the whirlwind of change that has engulfed the field of domestic preparedness since the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, DomPrep.Com has revised and expanded its mission, its audience, and the scope of its coverage. Readers’ comments

Business Continuity Planning Standards: A Search for Normalcy

Acceptance of prevailing standards often means we have no standards of our own. ~ Jean Toomer (1894 – 1967) U.S. author, poetWhat is a standard? More specifically, what is a Business Continuity (BC) standard? In general, standards provide preparedness models that private-sector organizations can use when they want to establish


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