Homeland Defense Begins at Home!

The Department of Homeland Defense and American Red Cross are leading the way, but true national preparedness requires an all-hands effort starting with teachers and students, parents, first responders, businessmen and factory workers, the media and the m

Facilities Management in the Age of Terrorism

Large public gatherings – specifically including baseball and football games and other entertainment events – are both an invitation to terrorists and a major challenge to security officials. The first rule is to build security into the sports/entertainme

Dirty Bombs: The Impossible Becomes Probable

Surplus uranium, inadequate controls, and undetected smuggling are the key ingredients of a future nuclear disaster on U.S. soil. Today, almost any nation in the world is capable of building Hiroshima-sized nuclear devices, RDDs, and/or dirty bombs.

Risks and Realities, Grants and Vulnerabilities

The mostly successful launch of the Department of Homeland Security has been followed, not surprisingly, by allegations of wasteful spending and a failure to establish priorities. The new team at DHS meets the challenge head-on, and is already working wit

Amit Yoran, Cyber Security Advisor

The former RIPtech president and, later, head of the National Cyber Security Division at DHS, provides knowledgeable insights on, among other topics, the public-private cyber security partnership, the IT vulnerability assessment process, cyber security an

A Note From the Publisher

Responding to the whirlwind of change that has engulfed the field of domestic preparedness since the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, DomPrep.Com has revised and expanded its mission, its audience, and the scope of its coverage. Readers’ comments

A Spiral of Hope for the First Responder Community

The terrorists behind 9/11 and other international crimes, and the ill-advised nations that support terrorism in various ways, are counting on the so-called “spiral of fear” to win their unending war against the free nations of the world.


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