Dead Reckoning: EMS, Death, and Resource Management

The assumption that an accident victim who is not breathing is dead can be a fatal mistake – for the victim. Which is just one of many reasons why so many laws governing the handling of apparent deaths have been enacted by every state in the union.

Battlefield Forensics: Rebirth of an Ancient Science

Historians see yesterday’s battlefields as primary sources for their next scholarly tomes. The modern military sees today’s battlefield as an unsifted mountain of intelligence information and, possibly, as evidence in future courtroom proceedings.

IEDs and the First Responder

Today’s first responder has had to adapt to an ever-changing threat that affects all U.S. citizens. The individual responder himself has to some extent become a human “tool box” that

First Responder Credentialing: Still a Secondary Priority

As the October 2008 deadline looms for implementation of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), which requires federal agencies to issue new “smart” identification cards to their employees, many agencies
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