Spores: The Threat of a Catastrophic Attack on America

The first anthrax terrorist attack on the United States was relatively minor. Now a second attack, exponentially more lethal, is almost certain. When, not if, it happens, the decision makers in Congress & the White House will have only themselves to blame

Public Health Emergency Response: A Guide for Leaders and Responders

A guide on public health responses to emergencies that is specifically tailored for public officials (e.g., mayors, governors, county executives, emergency managers) and first responders. http://www.hhs.gov/disasters/press/newsroom/leadersguide/freo-full-print.pdf

Licensing Standards for Emergency Shelters

Not long after Hurricane Katrina – the largest-ever U.S. post-emergency sheltering operation – Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) Administrator David Paulison said the following: “This has been an historic emergency

The Mid-Atlantic All-Hazards Forum - Hugely Successful

Those who attended the regional conference in Baltimore earlier this month found it eminently worthwhile and developed a long list of solutions to current problems – and an even longer list of new dangers and difficulties lurking just over the horizon.
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