Colonel George W. Korch Jr., USA, Commander, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases

In most fields, basic training is part of the learning process. Fire, law enforcement, the military, and other disciplines have training academies for building competencies and testing new recruits. An exception to these types of requirements is the field of emergency management. This new training academy will ensure that all emergency managers are trained to the same standards regardless how much boots-on-the-ground experience they bring with them.

SBInet: What Happens Next?

Commentary and AnalysisBy James D. Hessman, The 21 September DHS (Department of Homeland Security) announcement that the Boeing Company has been awarded a contract to build a “fence” of sorts

HLSPC: A Course of Mandatory Excellence

A relatively new and still evolving JFSC course in homeland defense planning receives a well deserved endorsement from the Pentagon’s E-Ring, and attracts a long line of applicants for future classes.

GAO - Combating Nuclear Terrorism

This report discusses the capabilities and assets DOE has to prevent and respond to potential nuclear and radiological attacks in the U.S., the physical security measures in place at DOE’s

The Case for Greater Latitude in Counterterrorism Surveillance

The world has changed significantly since 9/11 – and become much more dangerous. To provide for the common defense the United States also has to change – its laws, its policies, and maybe the U.S. Constitution as well.
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