Technological Strategies for Organizational Leadership

Article Out Loud Integrating information technology (IT) into emergency management and public safety agencies involves balancing technological limitations with the organizational mindset. Finding this balance has been discussed in practice,

Threat Awareness – Actions Now Mitigate Disasters Later

  Reducing or eliminating the long-term risks associated with natural, human-caused, or technological disasters begins with an awareness that specific threats exist. For example, a Chinese spy balloon crossed the

Protests: Balancing First Amendment Rights and Public Safety

In today’s society, peaceful protests can occasionally escalate into unlawful rioting. The behavior of those involved in a demonstration or public gathering can vary greatly. This behavior includes: Peaceful protests, actions,

Trends in Political Violence and Mass Demonstrations

Article Out Loud More than 400 worldwide antigovernment protests have taken place since 2017. According to the Global Peace Index (GPI), the incidents of civil unrest have doubled across the globe over

FEMA Did Not Provide Sufficient Oversight of Project Airbridge

In response to COVID-19, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) initiated Project Airbridge to mitigate shortfalls in medical supply distributors’ personal protective equipment (PPE) and facilitate the delivery of critical PPE to the most needed locations.
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