Critical Infrastructure & Strategic Assessment

Globally, government agencies are at a nexus in how to plan for and address society’s dependence on infrastructure to sustain economies, support and protect people, and implement strategies to provide

Rising Sea Level - A Stealth Threat

Sea-level rise is in the news with increasing frequency. Yet, the longer-term threat is largely underestimated. The risks in terms of economic impact, emergency preparedness, and national security have profound strategic importance. The latest news from Greenland and Antarctica strongly suggests that there is no time to waste when it comes to preparing for this threat.

The Complexity of Credible Coverage

Getting it fast and getting it right go hand in hand. The new video from the Center for Public Safety Innovation (CPSI), called “Law Enforcement & Media Today: The Complexity of Credible Coverage,” shows journalists how to get the best information from law enforcement when time matters.

Active Shooter - When Lock Down Is Not Enough

Law enforcement officers, paramedics, and other responders have received extensive training in dealing with active shooters and the wounds resulting from active shooter incidents. However, the potential force multipliers in all these attacks that are just beginning to receive attention are the potential victims at the scene.
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