Domestic Preparedness Journal

London 2012: Protecting the Olympic Games

The greatest challenge facing UK and London officials will not be the staging of a worthy successor to China’s sterling 2008 Games, but maintaining tight security in an open society where the cuisine may be less varied but freedom and diversity are much more highly valued.

Vigilant Guard 2009

Iowa, Kansas and Puerto Rico held annual Vigilant Guard training exercises.

A Global Sensor Network for Disaster Warnings

It would be much more complicated than “a two-step smoke-alarm process,” but the nations of the world now have the technology needed to develop and build a truly global international, and interoperable, sensor system capable of almost instantaneous detection of imminent disasters. So why don’t they?

Kids Encouraged to Participate in Disaster Preparedness

Ensuring families are prepared for emergencies is one of the roles of the Army Protection Division, & it does so through the Ready Army program. This year, the Ready Army program is sponsoring a new program, “”Prepared Kids,”” the aim of which is to get younger family members involved in the discussion about how to be ready for disasters.
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