Coming Soon: A National EMS Administration?

Today’s EMS community is a full partner on the nation’s homeland-security first-responder team, but gets short shrift in funding, in representation at the White House and on Capitol Hill, and in media attention. One way to even out the playing field might be to establish a national office representing city, state, and federal EMS departments and agencies.

Capt. John Delaney, Arlington County (VA) Fire Department

The leader of a cutting-edge team created to develop a new manual spelling out recommended fire-department responses to radiological incidents describes the team’s modus operandi, which put particular focus on the establishment of exposure limits.

Guest Commentary: Resolving

GenPrime V.P. suggests a new paradigm for the handling of emergency calls – many of them hoaxes – reporting the presence of anthrax-like substances that might be cornstarch, baby powder, or coffee creamer. Or anthrax. The use of on-site broad-spectrum screen can be used to determine a “threat/no threat” result for all potential biological weapons identified to date by the Centers for Disease Control.
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