Marsha J. Evans, President of the American Red Cross

Domestic Preparednessā€™ John F. Morton and Martin Masiuk met with Retired Navy Rear Adm. Marsha J. Evans in June 2005 at the American Red Cross Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Admiral Evans detailed the Red Cross organizational linkages with DHS and State/Local EOCs for response planning. She also outlined a new initiative for community-based preparedness training and the mechanisms through which the American Red Cross (ARC) is developing the mass-care support function in local response planning.

Ludwig Benner: The Father of Modern HAZMAT Thinking?

In the late 1960’s, far too many firefighters were dying in the line of duty when the fires were fighting involved hazardous materials. One man, Ludwig Benner, realized that changes were needed, both in the way firefighters were being trained and in the

Facilities Management in the Age of Terrorism

Large public gatherings – specifically including baseball and football games and other entertainment events – are both an invitation to terrorists and a major challenge to security officials. The first rule is to build security into the sports/entertainment
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