Virtual Exercises: They're the Real Thing!

Frequent and effective training is one of the keys to carrying out an adequate domestic-preparedness plan of any type. Such training costs money, though, and funds are scarce.

Ohio, Hawaii, California, and Minnesota

  Ohio Just two weeks before the large “TOPOFF3” exercise tapped major resources in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, the state of Ohio held a small tabletop exercise focusing

Risks and Realities, Grants and Vulnerabilities

The mostly successful launch of the Department of Homeland Security has been followed, not surprisingly, by allegations of wasteful spending and a failure to establish priorities. The new team at DHS meets the challenge head-on, and is already working wit

A Message From the Publisher

Two major homeland-security events – the CFSI dinner in Washington, D.C., and the FDIC conclave in Indianapolis – reinforce, in different ways, Chairman Cox’s goal of keeping a tighter rein on DHS management while also providing the funds needed to contin
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