Sept 2015

The Politics of Presidential Disaster Declarations

Article Out Loud Following a disaster, communities, tribes, and states typically experience years of rebuilding and recovery work. Understanding the presidential disaster declaration process and how to access supplemental disaster

Role of Local Government in Counter-Radicalization

The war against terror cannot be won solely on the battlefield, but instead must be fought with a counter-radicalization strategy. Implemented at the local level (i.e., mayor’s, sheriff’s, and/or governor’s offices), with the coordinated effort of federal, state, and local organizations, this strategy could address and counter the critical factors that make people susceptible to the terrorist message.

Ebola Concept of Operations (ConOps) Planning Template

This planning template provides a standard format for creating an Ebola ConOps plan at the state, territorial, or major metropolitan area government level. It provides information on measures that local

A Case for Political Leadership in Disaster Response & Recovery

Among some professional emergency managers and media outlets, the role of senior elected officials in incident response and recovery efforts is, at best, perceived as unhelpful. However, political engagement is necessary for effective disaster response and recovery, and continuous, meaningful involvement of elected officials is an essential element of the National Preparedness System.
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