Article Out Loud - Making Planning Documents More Than Words on Paper

Comprehensive planning documents are vitally important, but they can easily become simple “check-the-box” requirements that result in sizeable unread documents that sit on the shelves. Organizations must take steps to avoid this pitfall. 

Narrated by MacGregor Stephenson.

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Andrew (Andy) Altizer

Andrew (Andy) Altizer has over 20 years of emergency management planning experience and another 10 years of planning experience in the military. He is the emergency preparedness coordinator for The Westminster Schools and a Criminal Justice instructor at Georgia State University. Previously, he was the director of emergency management at Kennesaw State University and director of emergency preparedness at Georgia Institute of Technology. He also served as the critical infrastructure protection program manager at the Georgia Office of Homeland Security. In the U.S. Army, his roles included inspector general, public affairs officer, artillery commander, and plans and operations officer.



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