Anthrax Field Testing: Pros & Cons

Two closely related but diametrically opposed “point/counterpoint” articles: focusing on anthrax detection technology.

Question - Is Anthrax Present, Too Long to Wait for an Answer

Homeland-security experts believe the worst-case scenario for future terrorist attacks will involve biological-warfare agents such as anthrax rather than nuclear weapons. Which is why the numerous delays in the anti-anthrax program have aroused concern.

Real Resources and Real Reforms: A Report from the Committee Chairman

The chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security promises fast and effective action – and the provision of “real resources” – to improve U.S. domestic preparedness across the board, to protect American lives & the nation’s critical infrastructure.

Captain Michael B. Anderson, MMRS National Program Manager

DomesticPreparedness met with Captain Michael B. Anderson, National Program Manager, Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS). In this wide-ranging invterview, Captain Anderson discusses mass-casualty preparedness, highlighting the current emphasis on regional

The Either/Or Dilemma: Hard Choices Ahead in Materials Management

Preparing for an emergency is like packing for a long trip: Focus on the essentials first, and always consider the possibility of a worst-case scenario. Unfortunately, some communities and hospitals are making cost reductions their highest priority.
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