James Lee Witt, CEO, James Lee Witt Associates

The former FEMA administrator discusses the agency’s reorganization process, the proposed establishment of a national catastrophic-insurance fund, FEMA’s working relationship with the ARC, and the rationale for upgrading the agency to cabinet-level.

Judith Miller, Author & Journalist

The Pulitzer Prize winner’s knowledgeable appraisal of how two of the nation’s largest metropolitan police departments – in New York City and Los Angeles – are coping with the unique and steadily growing threats posed by international terrorism.

Lieutenant General H. Steven Blum, Chief National Guard Bureau

Domestic Preparedness met with Lieutenant General H. Steven Blum, Chief, National Guard Bureau. The Chief of the National Guard Bureau provides an update on how Guard units are supporting states in their domestic missions, while also serving as forward-deployed assets for the Department of Defense (DOD) and the U.S. Northern

Paul E. Jarris, MD, MBA, Executive Director, Association of State And Territorial Health Officers, ASTHO

Full Commentary DomPrep has divided the 46 minute interview into 6 segments.Audio Segment One: ASTHO’s View on the Public Health InfrastructureASTHO’s emphasis on four essential components of the governmental public health infrastructure: trained and sustained workforces; health/medical data systems; reliable communications; and comprehensive disease-surveillance systems.Duration: 6 Minutes 56 SecondsAudio Segment

John F. Clark, Director, U.S. Marshals Service

Clark’s views on the security improvements already achieved, and the areas in which a greater effort is needed. Also discussed: The USMS’s Special Operations and Technical Operations Groups, and the support provided to state and local L-E agencies.


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