Richard Serino on Leadership in Crisis Communications

At the International Association of Emergency Managers annual conference in October 2016, Domestic Preparedness Advisor Anthony Mangeri sat down with Richard Serino, distinguished visiting fellow at Harvard’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, to discuss leadership as it relates to crisis communications.

10 Perspectives on Whole Community

Domestic Preparedness’ Editor-in-Chief Catherine Feinman interviewed the following subject matter experts from various disciplines to find out their suggestions for improving the “Whole Community” effort in jurisdictions across the country.

Critical Infrastructure – Addressing an Overarching Concept

Since 9/11, critical infrastructure has evolved from a basic awareness of security into robust discussions on how to sustain entire communities. Each natural and manmade disaster emphasizes the need for greater sustainability and resilience. In this podcast, subject matter experts discuss some of these lessons learned, as well as development

Public Health – How Prepared Is the Nation?

Public health encompasses pandemics and bioterrorism incidents as much as injury and illness threats following other types of disasters. The burden of biological threats is often less visible, but can affect economic stability and national security just as much as (if not more than) other types of disasters. Efforts to

Nuclear Preparedness: Is the United States Ready

The following panel discussion brings together five subject matter experts – including three from the 2009 documentary – to address the gaps as well as the progress in nuclear preparedness over the past five years.


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