Corporate Support for a Healthcare Facility in Crisis

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are marvelous at handling emergencies, healing the sick, and performing a host of minor and major daily miracles. But who heals the healer? In other words, what happens when the hospital itself is suffering from an explosion, an out-of-control fire, or any other type of

The New CDC ‘Zombies’ of Emergency Preparedness

The immense increase in the use of social media offers many new opportunities to educate the American people on emergency preparedness in general and to move agency messages to a broader target audience. Another result of the much expanded range of information outlets – primarily the Internet – is that

Reducing the Community’s Risk – One Grant at a Time

The guiding principle in emergency preparedness is virtually identical to one of the Golden Rules of good health: Prevention is much better, and almost always lower in cost, than recovery and rehabilitation. Which is why intelligent “grantsmanship” not only focuses first on the reduction of risks and vulnerabilities but also

Federal Government Initiatives on Grant Alignment

A senior HHS executive, and world-class authority on medical-surge programs and requirements, discusses both the National Health Security Strategy the Whole Community FEMA approach – introduced earlier this year in that agency’s 2011-14 Strategic Plan – mandated to maintain “truly integrated and scalable public health…in an environment of increasingly constrained

Using Grant Data to Improve Communications Interoperability

One of the nation’s highest priorities in emergency preparedness has been, and will continue to be, the creation of vastly improved communications capabilities. Considerable progress has been made to date. But much more is needed, probably accompanied by additional funding at all levels of government: federal, state, and local.

Now Hiring: Grant Seekers May Apply

Read this “how to” article not only carefully but also constructively – and even a bit creatively at times. Here are not only the ABCs of the grant-application process but also the What, Why, When, Wherefore, and How questions most likely to be asked. Plus some friendly tips on key concepts, special forms

National Preparedness Grants – Strategies for Investment Reductions

The current debate over the national debt is a stern reminder that, even in politics and economics, what goes up will almost always also come down. The same is true for the funding provided for DHS/HHS preparedness grants – which are now starting to decline in both size and number,

Making Funds Count: Developing a Grant-Making Program

There are many paths a community can take in search of a preparedness grant, but only one way to ensure that the search will be successful: Follow the Rules! This means advance planning, consulting, paying meticulous attention to all of the rules and regulations involved, and making sensible decisions every

Federal Domestic Preparedness Funding: Overview and Outlook

Before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, federal funding for preparedness grants was much lower than it should have been. Then it was increased exponentially. The nation is now better prepared than ever before to deal with mass-casualty incidents – and there are huge fiscal problems ahead. So major cutbacks in grant

Funding the Responders: What Happens Next

In today’s stressed economy almost all U.S. cities and states are seeking new ways to obtain funds and, at the same time, reduce expenditures. This does not necessarily mean there will be an immediate, and massive, reduction in preparedness grants. But those grants must be written more carefully, more persuasively,

Responder Funding: FEMA & Other Federal Preparedness Grants

Total preparedness is perhaps impossible in the Age of Terrorism – and, it seems, of a major increase in the number and scope of natural disasters. But at least partial preparedness is not only feasible but politically and operationally mandatory as well. As always, preparedness starts with planning – and in the United


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