Unleashing Community Resilience Through Collaborative Leadership

Elected officials and emergency response personnel form the nucleus of community leadership a driving force for collaborative relationships with local stakeholders Find out how community leaders who adopt the tenets of transformational leaders can promote resilience and security in their jurisdictions

National Preparedness Efforts Among Tribal Communities

Participants at the National Tribal Emergency Management Council s annual conference in August shared some key takeaways for tribal and nontribal communities to improve their disaster preparedness efforts Understanding the concerns and challenges is essential

Planning for A Cross-Country Special Event

A solar eclipse is a unique form of special event that does not always fall under emergency planning protocols but it should This article urges preparedness professionals to collaborate with eclipse planning committees to ensure the safety and security of all those involved

Cybersecurity in Hospitals and the Public Health Sector

Cyberattacks on healthcare systems affect millions of patients each year It is critical for agencies and organizations to build a culture of compliance and awareness for the system s security and the safety of the patients

Three Puzzle Pieces That Increase Community Preparedness

This author reflects on his team s direct mission to New York in response to the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks commonly referred to as 9 11 to consider if communities are more prepared today than they were in 2001

Citizen Soldiers and American State Defense Forces

State defense forces can be activated in times of emergency to assist with disaster response homeland security and other missions However more awareness within communities nationwide is needed to support the efforts of these assets

Deploying With Adult Non-Prescription Medication Kits

The availability of non prescription medications may mean the difference between a successful deployment and needing to return home ahead of schedule As such first responders should consider non prescription medication kits as part of their pre deployment planning

Community Preparedness for the Socially & Civically Isolated

Even before the COVID 19 pandemic about half of American adults reported feeling lonely A lack of engagement can have serious health effects for socially isolated individuals and implications for the work of emergency management professionals

Incident Management – The Whataburger Way

The Whataburger Command Center team uses a hybrid form of the Incident Command System when an unexpected event threatens the company s stability reputation or operations The main goal is to minimize damages and ensure the company s survival and quick recovery

Unleashing the Power of Amateur Radio in Times of Emergency

Amateur radio operators are skilled communicators who serve as a lifeline during emergencies by relaying essential information coordinating resources and providing situational updates On June 24 25 2023 they will participate in the annual nationwide AARL Field Day event

Service Animal Awareness in Disaster Response

  Although they are companions to their human partners, service animals are not pets. Instead, they are trained to perform specific daily tasks, which are often still required when responders are assisting during a hurricane, mass casualty event, or another emergency. As such, emergency planning efforts should include service animals


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