Article Out Loud - Correlation Between Land Use Decisions & Recovery Efforts

An Article Out Loud Flashback from the Domestic Preparedness Journal, August 12, 2015.

Key stakeholders across the northwestern U.S. continue to participate in a National Level Exercise to prepare for a massive earthquake and tsunami in the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Past catastrophic disasters can help identify the economic, geopolitical, and social factors of each community’s recovery following a catastrophic disaster. This 2015 article continues to be a valuable resource in helping communities identify and address future recovery challenges before the next catastrophic event.

Narrated by Randy Vivian. 

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Charles (Chuck) Perino

Charles (Chuck) Perino is the emergency manager and safety officer for the City of Albany, Oregon. He has worked in Oregon land use and emergency management planning for over 20 years. He graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School with a master’s degree in Homeland Defense and Security in 2014 and earned his Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) accreditation in 2022.



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